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FCHAC supplies heating and air conditioning systems to builders and contractors, who recognize the importance of using quality equipment and professional services in their construction. Our basic systems use either Carrier© or Trane© equipment. Our years of experience have taught us that both Carrier© and Trane© have excellent reliability and factory support. Other brands of equipment can be provided upon request.

Duct System Design: FCHAC custom designs the air delivery system for each house. Attention is given to heat loads in each room, as well as solar exposure of the walls throughout the day. This is why two identical houses may have different duct systems if the orientations are different. The duct systems can be designed to increase indoor air quality and reduce humidity.

Zone Control: FCHAC can provide zone control systems that will enable the home owner to concentrate the heating or cooling where it is needed. This saves energy by not maintaining the same temperature in occupied zones as in unoccupied zones. It is estimated that zoning increases the efficiency level by approximately three (3) SEER points. There is also a diversity factor or change in thermal load as the sun moves across the sky, and shifts the load from one location in the house to another. This same load shift can occur during periods of high occupancy, where people may assemble in the family room or other living areas. The condition of high occupancy can create uncomfortably high temperatures in single zone systems, while the multiple zone system can adapt by shifting the cooling to the zone of highest occupancy.

Modulating Dampers: Can be installed by FCHAC to improve comfort levels in zone control systems. This is done by modulating the air flow to match the load, instead of turning the air flow completely on or off. On/off dampers also create annoying changes in sound level. Our zone systems can control up to eight (8) zones, with each zone damper modulating through fifteen (15) positions between open and closed. The system is seven day programmable with four (4) programmable events for each day, and controls both the zone dampers and the heating and cooling equipment.

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